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Onyx Lee Publications has some of the most talented BIPOC LGBTIQ+ and Cisgender authors. These writers enjoy weaving tales that are fictional but with the voice and experience of real life emotions. Their characters are relatable and intriguing, not to mention some of the hottest people with beauty, brains, and hearts. 

Get to know them more through their profiles below.

Shonia Brown

Nineteen years ago, Shonia Brown introduced the world to her inner world in her debut novel, A Deeper Love. Although the story pays homage to young lesbian heartbreak and new found love, Shonia’s novel transcended the LGBTIQ+ community and mainstream audience.  READ MORE.

Aunt Georgia Lee

Aunt Georgia Lee wasn’t created in 7 days. She came from many long years of exploration, meditation, and temptation. After a former life that blossomed, it seemed over night, and then fizzled just as quickly, the spirit of this storyteller was broken and in need of much repair.  READ MORE.

Bottoms Up - High Resolution - Book 1.jpg

Jeremiah loves to wag his tongue like the top dog that he is. As a new member of our OnyxLee Publications family in the gay erotic division, this sharp tongue and quick witted prose writer is excited to share his fictional tell-alls of the tops and bottoms in his debut ebook series, Bottoms Up.


Unapologetically Eugene - High Resolution-2.jpg
W.L. Tracy

W.L. Tracy has always been intrigued by historical events, and the people that have made these changes in the world possible. As an inquisitive seeker of truth, W.L. Tracy realized that many individuals within the LGBTQIA community have been influential in America’s history, yet often overlooked in the stories that have chronicled these events.  READ MORE.

Walker Boys - High Resolution - Book 1.jpg
Shyly Campbell

That’s what the song says, and so does most of the world. But there’s always a strong woman behind every successful man. Black romance writer, Shylee Campbell knows this very well as the product of a two parent home where her father and mother created a successful restaurant chain and fortified a happy home for her and younger brother, Desmond.  READ MORE.

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