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W.L. Tracy

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

A fictional chronicler of historical events.

W.L. Tracy has always been intrigued by historical events and the people who have made this world's changes possible. As an inquisitive seeker of truth, W.L. Tracy realized that many individuals within the LGBTQ+ community have been influential in America's history yet often overlooked in the stories that have chronicled these events.

W.L. Tracy's first published writing was the short story Titilayo in the anthology, Longing, Lust, and Love: Black Lesbian Stories. The story centers around Mae West, a grandmother who shares how she met the love of her life, Margaret Hayes, with her granddaughter after receiving a letter. Most of the story is set in 1965, when Mae was a senior in high school. This is the same year the United States was embarking on several significant events in civil rights, which are touched on in the story.

Funny thing, growing up, I liked history, but it was never a passion of mine. Later, I realized how important history is in not only my work but also to my growth as a writer and a citizen of the world.

Why W.L. Tracy focuses on history?

As a young child, W. L. Tracy wrote stories just for her. These were stories of underdogs that go about their lives being the best version of themselves. Her characters are patterned on how she views her life. The child of a single parent, W. L. Tracy, often felt as though she did not belong. She wasn't sure if it was because she was an introvert, dark-skinned, a lesbian, or all of the above. But she was convinced she didn't feel like she fit within her family dynamics. Her love for reading gave her the feeling of inclusion that she so desired.

Currently, W. L. Tracy is working on her next story, Unapologetically Eugene. It is a story set in the late 1950s and addresses a part of our population often overlooked, the trans community. In, Unapologetically Eugene, the main character is a female-to-male (FTM) trans man. During this time in history, Eugene couldn't afford the surgery to officially transition to the man he wanted to be.

The story addresses life as a person that identifies not as their assigned birth sex during a time when racism and sexism were at an all-time high in the United States. Although Eugene faces challenges, this is a story of a man who comes into his own and can follow his true passion, music.

In addition to her historical novel, W.L. Tracy is also working feverishly on a trans story that is more thriller than

romance, and less historical but a more current event tell all in Sai Is Gone. In this novella, you will be introduced to Saigon, a handsome non-binary person that enjoys the illusion their appearance creates for both men and women. A street hustler not with a heart of gold but often a cold heart that struggles with the desire to love and be loved, Saigon makes their living hustling drugs and sex. When they accidentally meet Tanya, Saigon believes they can reinvent themselves and be the perfect mate for this sexy, sweet woman who has captured their hearts. When a series of negative events forces Saigon into a downward spiral and the jealous, hot-tempered spirit buried inside resurfaces, the outcomes are fatal for the relationship with Tanya.

The tragedy and suffering only begin on that fateful afternoon. Through the words of Saigon, we are taken into the mind and motivation of a human being who prides themselves on manipulation and deceit but is barely able to control and restrain from imploding.

Are you ready to be transported back in time with Eugene or for a rollercoaster ride with Saigon? Then turn on your favorite golden oldies playlist and experience the 50s through a different lens or listen to a playlist of broken hearts and hard rock to experience the heartbreak and delirium of a lover who believes in death do us part.

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