Sai Is Gone

2023   |   Author W.L. Tracy

This is a trans story that is more thriller than romance and less historical, but a more current event tell-all in Sai Is Gone. In this novella, you will be introduced to Saigon, a handsome non-binary person that enjoys the illusion their appearance creates for both men and women. A street hustler not with a heart of gold but often a cold heart that struggles with the desire to love and be loved, Saigon makes their living hustling drugs and sex. When they accidentally meet Tanya, Saigon believes they can reinvent themselves and be the perfect mate for this sexy, sweet woman who has captured their hearts.


When a series of negative events forces Saigon into a downward spiral and the jealous, hot-tempered spirit buried inside resurfaces, the outcomes are fatal for the relationship with Tanya.


The tragedy and suffering only begin on that fateful afternoon. Through the words of Saigon, we are taken into the mind and motivation of a human being who prides themselves on manipulation and deceit but is barely able to control and restrain from imploding.

SAI IS GONE book cover
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