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A Deeper Love

2002   |   Author Shonia Brown

Coffee will make you black. Beauty is skin deep. The brown paper bag test. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You're too dark to wear bright colors. The mind is a powerful thing. Developing negative thoughts through what the mind receives can be detrimental to any human being. Paula Travis knows this well because she heard words that destroyed her self-esteem and self-love for most of her childhood. She grew up believing that because of her skin color, she was not worthy of loving herself or being loved by another until Angel. Angela Reynolds, known to her friends as Angel, is an aspiring writer who works for a local Atlanta theatre company.


During a season people consider the most joyous and loving time of the year, Angel finds herself at a lesbian bar on Christmas Eve, soaking her wounds in rounds of Cape Cods. Her lover of two years has dumped her. Angel never expected to meet Paula Travis that night, a woman who would change her world forever. Through this brief encounter, Paula and Angel begin a new relationship and journey towards a deeper love. With the help of a few friends, these two women search for a place in their hearts and minds where negative beliefs no longer exist, and only love prevails.


Gay Black Female Magazine

“A Deeper Love" examines the complexities of love in lesbian relationships and friendships. This book keeps you wanting more because it's sexual, sensual, thought provoking, and humorous."

Sisters on the Shelf

"Completely spellbinding! It is a thoughtful, affectionate tale. Brown created a believable read that surprises you on many levels. It portrayed the discovery of new love, as well as the heartbreak of losing it--and all of it changes you for the better. This introspective novel will move you from beginning to end."

TNC Reviews

“Issues, drama, and love abound in Shonia Brown's novel "A Deeper Love. With all these good qualities, I did have one thing that caused me to jump up out of my seat and call foul and that was Angel's decision at the end of the novel."
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