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Shylee Campbell

Shylee Campbell is an author of smart-mouth and smart-mind boss baes who live and love without restraints. Their sexuality is as fluid as the wine that flows from their glasses and as hot as the sun that bathes their chocolate skin with the melanin they love and are proud to be in.

Their stories are bold as they live unapologetically through characters who explore forbidden territories and delight in the drama of it all! Their characters are fun and freaky, and they love to get kinky at any moment's notice.

They're not porn stars, this isn't smut, so reader beware.


What it is is a feeling you want in your soul, a feeling that you won't ever forget; it is a cerebral masturbation that will take you places you've never been before, and you look forward to opening the next door to another Shylee Campbell story du jour.

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