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Author S.L. Brown

S.L. Brown is the latest pen name of Shonia Brown and shows off her more erotic and steamy romance side that includes her current series of Sleeping Your Way to the Top.


This author offers more diversity in these stories by creating tales that spotlight interracial couples, age-gap lovers, queer people, polyamorous relationships, and more.


Her first short story penned under this name premiered this year in 2023. She's the Boss has met enormous support from different races and nationalities both in the States and abroad.


Her second short story in the series, Little Red,  is available now. The story premiered on Amazon on September 19, 2023, as a digital download that highlights love and BDSM relationships. 

Her third short story in the series, The Toy Maker, will be available in 2024. This story delves deeper into the world of sex toys and the author's penchant for age-gap romances. 

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