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Caught Up and Strapped Up (RLOA - Book 1)

2020   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

"From Top to Bottom." In Caught Up And Strapped Up, meet Whitney James, a 34-year old, out and proud lesbian and a talented contemporary Christian Jazz artist who knows her worth and loves being on top of her business and her bae. But when her closeted politician pussy wants Whitney to sing to a different tune and allow her lover to be on top, the games they will play will be deliciously dangerous but oh-so-sweet for pleasure!


Go on, you know you want to get caught up and possibly strapped up later after reading this passionate tale!

Real Lesbians of Atlanta - High Resolution - Book 1.jpg

Deja Elise (Goodreads review)

“Short and steamy. This was written well. I liked Mikail, I love a strong minded professional woman.  I’ll check out this author’s other work."

Christine Reid (Goodreads review)

"Fantastic short story I loved the main characters chemistry was hot passionate loving heartfelt everything you want in a short story congratulations. "

Patricia SP (Amazon review)

"The kind of story that makes you remember why 1st person POV is never as reliable as they think they are. At first I was very inclined on disliking Whitney's LI because of how the former was assuming things and relaying it to us, then we get the chance to hear the LI say her piece and she shed some light about their relationship and well, suddenly I was not only on her side, but a bit disappointed on Whitney. But it all made the story, as short as it was, more complete, rounded. Not black or white, because that's life. And on top of it all, it was steaaaamy, chef's kiss."
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