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Caught Up and Strapped Up (RLOA - Book 1)

2020   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Whitney James is a 34-year-old millennial who loves femme-on-femme action. Although she wears dresses well, Whitney also enjoys wearing pants and the strap-on in her relationships. Caught up in a complicated relationship with a politician, the pussy is private because Congresswoman Mikael Rollins's public life keeps her hiding in the closet.

When Whitney challenges her lover to be more open about their relationship, the congresswoman has her own challenge in mind. "Be my bottom bitch."


Will Whitney allow her lover the permission to strap up and dominate her heart and her body?

Real Lesbians of Atlanta - High Resolution - Book 1.jpg

Deja Elise (Goodreads review)

“Short and steamy. This was written well. I liked Mikail, I love a strong minded professional woman.  I’ll check out this author’s other work."

Christine Reid (Goodreads review)

"Fantastic short story I loved the main characters chemistry was hot passionate loving heartfelt everything you want in a short story congratulations. "
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