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Creativekys, also known as Kimberly Yvonne Steele is a talented voiceover talent, author, and painter that we discovered on  She has brought the sexy spooky short story of Stalk Her Much to life! On October 8th, you'll have a chance to hear her voice on our upcoming release of the Stalk Her Much audiobook on! Enjoy a sample of what's to come below!


What inspires your work?


I'm inspired by storytelling. I love stories and appreciate that in every facet of life, there is a story being told. I'm a Creative through and through. I narrate,  write and  paint. So to me, they are all different ways of telling a story.

Did you always want to be a VoiceOver artist?

NO! It was actually never on my radar. I was laid off from my corporate job early on in the pandemic and decided to do a hard reset and start the writing career I'd always dreamed of having. I was on Clubhouse one day, reading a short story that I had written and a couple of fellow writers asked me if I would ever consider narrating their books. Of course, I said YES and then went about learning everything I could about voiceover/narration.

What are your favorite genres to work with?

Self-help is my favorite genre, followed by Romance.

Oprah Winfrey says we must first fill up our cup before we can be of service to others. How do you fill up your cup? How do you self care?

I meditate every day and am very protective of my time and energy and who I share it with. Painting and dancing are also my favorite ways to decompress.

How should people contact you to collaborate on audiobook projects or other projects?

My website is the best way to reach me.

What are you reading?

Want to recommend BIPOC LGBTIQA+ books to us to add to our reading list? Send us a list of your favorites.


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