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Her Sweet Georgia Peach  (RLOA - Book 5)

TBW   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Mackenzie Gresham is a 20-year-old Gen Z who enjoys life with a carefree nature. However, life hasn't always been easy for the young woman. With the support of her chosen FAM, Mack is surrounded by strong, black women from all age groups and wants nothing more than to add to this circle, a lover of her own. As if it were perfectly scripted by her good friend and chosen big sis, Shantal Morgan, and supported by an alluring soundtrack from her best friend and other chosen big sis, Whitney James, the lover she's been waiting for walks into her life in the body of a snack like, Jazmine Carter.


Mack has been in love or lust before, but her feelings hit differently for Jazmine Carter. The woman is nothing like young Mack has ever seen before. But as they develop a more intimate relationship, Jazmine reveals a secret that has the potential to destroy Mack's heart and trust forever.


Will Mack be able to love a deeper side of Jazmine once the truth is revealed? Or will her closed-minded prejudices prevent her from celebrating the freedom and fluidity of the Generation Z culture?

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To Be Written
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