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Hot for Teacher

2020   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

The teacher's pet is a role we all played at once, even if it were only in our dreams. The infatuation one has for a mature, authority figure in the form of a classroom teacher makes for the most seductive, forbidden fantasy.

What if the opportunity to experience a romance with your teacher could be more than legal but perfectly acceptable?


Although Evelyn Hargrove is not Danielle Rivers's teacher, she does have a lesson for this eager pupil to learn. Their relationship begins with a mutual desire to protect an innocent child, but soon it is their hearts they must guard.

The Rebellious Reader (Goodreads review)

“Besides the great romance my favorite aspect of this book was the found family. I thought it was heartwarming. This was a very entertaining read and I had a great time while reading it."

Sisters on the Shelf

"Parent-teacher conferences will never look the same. Hot for Teacher has an element I love, the found-family aspect, which speaks to my lesbian heart. "

Women Using Words (Goodreads review)

“Hot for Teacher yields a bit of a surprise for lesfic enthusiasts. There is definitely depth beyond this erotic storyline.This is a quick, easy and fun read. If you enjoy steamy romances with filled hot sexy moments, then this is a good one for you.."
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