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Kiss Her Goodnight (Walker Boys - Book 3)

TBW   |   Author Shylee Campbell

Hezekiah Walker has only one wish, to be named by any other name, just not the same as the famous American gospel music artist and pastor of a prominent New York megachurch. There are not many places the young Hess, as his family calls him, can travel that people don't make an instant connection with his government name and that of the talented gospel singer/pastor of Love Fellowship Tabernacle. But Hezekiah is not the type of man to let the path forged ahead of him by other strong men, such as his eldest brother, Jayson, prevent this baby boy of the family from happily pursuing his own destination.


After finishing seminary school and receiving his Master's degree in Ministry and Leadership, Hezekiah starts a spiritual movement for millennials. His mission is to offer a broader reach of Christianity to many people who have been denied access. Hezekiah promotes spirituality, not organized religion. With the help of Jayson and Reele Black Entertainment, he has received a platform on their cable station.


As Hezekiah builds his inclusive ministry and separates his rugged, street-wear, Gospel hip-hop persona from his older, more traditional counterpart, this young Walker boy also finds his way into the heart of Besstinia Mitchell and her young daughter, Cherise. Besstinia offers her creative genius and resourcefulness to Hezekiah as his show's producer. As their working relationship grows, so does their attraction to each other and involvement in her personal challenges as a bisexual woman who is now a single parent after the death of her partner. Hezekiah develops a paternal relationship with young Cherise through his young ministry initiative. His kindness and support to her daughter only endear him more to Besstinia's heart. But as Hezekiah tries to deepen their relationship more intimately, he must help Besstinia overcome the battlefield of her mind and spirit to trust him to be the man she now wants in her life.


Will Hezekiah find a second family in Besstinia and Cherise through patience, love, and faith? Or will the dream of a family be further out of reach than reclaiming his right to his birth name?

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