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Make Me Holla (Bottoms Up - Book 1)

TBW   |   Author Jeremiah

Quandray Woods is a man's man, and Franklin Leroy Smith can attest to that! These two love birds are blissfully happy in their two-year relationship. That is until Franklin, affectionately known by Quandray as Pookie, decides that things must be shaken up a little bit.

Just as Quandray is enjoying himself, stroking Pookie's perky little butt and sweet ass pussy with his nine-inches of man meat, Pookie decides that he wants to be the top in this relationship. Quandray's top head understands his lover's request. His lower head is too preoccupied with an impending explosion as he strokes them both into a nut-busting climax!


When the fucking is done, the feuding begins, as Pookie debates with Quandray over the importance of sharing the coveted top role with his usually more submissive bottom lover. The thought of seeing himself as a bottom is difficult to conceive for Quandray. The idea of losing Pookie just might make him switch positions.


Will Quandray and Franklin come to a compromise that will meet their deepest needs and sexual satisfaction?

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