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Old School Lovin' (RLOA - Book 2)

2022   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Yvette Leigh-Dixon never feared getting older. In fact, with a fit body like that of a much younger woman, she is proud to be turning 60 years old. After all, 60 is the new 50! What really terrifies her is stepping back into the dating scene after spending six years as a widow. Yvette had grown content with serving as the matriarch to her daughter-in-law, Carolyn Ann Ross, and granddaughter, Tamra Janelle Ross. But the memories of the 25-year-old relationship that she cherished with her dearly departed wife, Althea Dixon, only remind her of the longing, lust, and love Yvette continues to desire and need.


Luckily for Yvette, she has the support of her Gen Z granddaughter and a newly discovered friendship with a sassy, smart young woman to help her dip her toes into the water of online dating. If she lets her guard down and trusts these young crusaders of love, Yvette might dive right into the deep waters of dating in the prime of her life!


Will Yvette let go of her fears and enjoy the journey through the different phases of reigniting love with new online experiences and a colorful array of other women?

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