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Aunt Georgia Lee

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Sassy Southern Belle with a Big Heart.

Aunt Georgia Lee wasn't created in 7 days. She came from many long years of exploration, meditation, and temptation. After a former life that blossomed overnight and fizzled just as quickly, the spirit of this storyteller was broken and in need of much repair. After 11 years of personal meditation and spiritual contemplation, this southern charmer again found her voice in a new persona.

In 2019, Aunt Georgia Lee premiered under this pseudonym with her first novel, Hot for Teacher. Her secret fantasies and frustrations inspired this story due to her private crushes on a few of her former educators. School was never better than the days she walked the halls or sat in a classroom at her high school enamored by her dream girls in the form of her classroom teachers. Shakespeare never sounded so hot, and French was definitely her love language! This first novel has that and more! Although sexy femmes, strong studs, and latent teenage fantasies are her specialty, Aunt Georgia Lee also enjoys a good tissue-required tearful tale combined with moments of comical characters that make your belly ache.

I’m a Southern Belle who enjoys charming the pants off the ladies through frustratingly good foreplay, beautiful bodies, unforgettable sex, and that’s all in the first 40 pages of one of my novels! LOL!

But what about real lesbians?

You may find it hard to believe that this inquisitive soul might be new to the social

media game, but Aunt Georgia Lee is not ashamed to admit she's recently had her Instagram (IG) cherry popped! LOL! During 2020, with plenty of time on her hand due to COVID lockdowns, and in 2021, as COVID continued to be ever-present, our storyteller occupied her quiet time with IG promos and customer research. What she discovered even opened her eyes to how much the LGBTIQ+ community had changed. Where were the lesbians looking to fall in love and settle down with their honeys of choice? If online posts indicated what the BIPOC lesbian community had evolved into, Aunt Georgia Lee was more than aware of her challenge to tell good stories with great sex and tasteful tales not overshadowed by tits and tails.

But never fear; our persistent pursuer of passion and deeper love is prepared to give the new generation of the L Word what they want with powerful messages and a plethora of characters that aren't overshadowed by stereotypes from the past or present. In her new ebook series, Real Lesbians of Atlanta (RLOA), Aunt Georgia Lee has a story for every woman, no matter the age, hue, size, or gender identity.

Are you ready to explore Aunt Georgia Lee’s world? Then relax and prepare yourself for a mind fuck of a lifetime! Um, and don’t forget to put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door that lets all intruders know – Don’t Wake Me, I’m Dreaming!

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