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Do 4 Luv  (My Day One - Book 2)

TBW |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Roxanna, the new queen of R&B, has set the world on fire with her soulful music that touches the hearts of young and old fans. Although only 25 years old, Roxanna has a voice and spirit of a much older woman. The challenges she's already endured in her young life are responsible for the mature spirit and lyrics in her songs.  

Gifted at a young age with a beautiful voice and natural flair for songwriting, she was destined for stardom. Whether she was truly ready to step into the spotlight was never considered by her demanding momager, who pushed young Roxanna at the age of five into the spotlight. Her mother's failed attempt at retaining a successful singing career of her own became a burden for Roxanna to carry.

When the co-dependent relationship with her mother and the heavy load of being the perfect performer destroys her sanity, Roxanna finds herself in rehab and trying to put the pieces back together. As if an answer from God is presented to her in the voice of an angel by the name of Naomi Right, her counselor in rehab, Roxanna finds unconditional love.

But is the love that Roxanna and Naomi share enough to heal both of their broken spirits? Find out as their story unfolds in Book Two of the My Day One series.

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