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She is a Love Song

2023   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

In this melodic masquerade, join Contemporary Gospel Diva, Cheryl Rose Campbell as she learns ’tis so sweet to love the Lord and the woman you can’t let go—even though there will be a price to pay for the lesson!

So, settle in with a cup of something good and relax as I tell you a story about a rising singer torn between her affection for another and her yearning for fame and fortune. And a minister, who loves the Lord with all her heart, yet the singer is her gospel—a song etched into her heart that she can neither forget nor live without.


Stellar Space (Amazon review)

This is an enjoyable, fast-moving, entertaining, and sexy met-at-church prequel, with an HFN, to My Day One Cheryl: I'm Coming Back, which will be out on 3-30-24. I'm looking forward to more depth and fleshing out of these delicious characters and fabulous storyline.

Jamie - The Rebellious Reader  (Goodreads review_

I cannot wait for the full length novel! This was so good. I love sapphic romances where the characters are in the church and deal with religion and this one was particularly interesting because Tabitha is a Minister and Rose is a Gospel singer. I'm intrigued! They have great chemistry and I thought both characters were great. I really am excited for the full length of their love story because this was a fantastic prequel that left me wanting more.

Kyria (Goodreads review)

Deliciously tender and hot relationship between the MC's, I loved them both! The story itself was imaginative and well told. Very good read!
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