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Stalk Her Much

2022  |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

What if a room carried the whispers and stories of a certain type of town folk from a little place called Social Circle, Georgia? What would these walls say if they could talk? They would tell a story about a witch with a bad attitude, so sassy and unpredictable that only her lover would enjoy. They would sigh with sweet sorrow as they mourned for the defiant lover's defeat when she must heel to her assignment.


Oh, but the girlish giggles they would perfume the environment with at the mischievous and sinful pleasures that the witch's familiar would enjoy in the name of love.


They would release the most satisfying moan from the depths of their yoni as they relived the passionate play of their occupants.


But as they empty their entire contents, they would howl like the mightiest wind as they relived the conquering and devouring made possible by the mighty big black wolf!


Does that sound like a room you'd like to visit or a story you'd like to read? Then don't fret, just enjoy Stalk Her, Much? by Aunt Georgia Lee, and your wishes will come true.

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