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The Toy Maker

2024  |   Author S.L. Brown

Genevieve Catrell is a woman of distinction and not one to be toyed with! Yet, her history with the game of love has her striking out more often than hitting a home run. At the age of fifty, the successful entrepreneur and sex toy maker has decided she’d rather not be a fool for love—Genny takes matters into her own hands to design a foolproof solution. A bit of a mad scientist, Genny uses her genius to create TAME 1.0, a Totally Adaptable My Everything, her very own Bride of Frankenstein!

But when TAME is born from Genny's vividly wild imagination, the scientist finds herself spiraling into an adventure she never could have predicted!


Can Genevieve tame the shrew of her own creation?

Happy Reading!

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