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A Missed Erection (RLOA - Book 4)

TBW   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Shantal Morgan is a charismatic and talented Atlanta filmmaker who has built success at the box office and in her personal life with her wife, Carissa Morgan, and their girl and boy twins. But after a breast cancer challenge, Shantal questions her ten-year-old marriage with Carissa. Shantal's remission and recovery have given her the strength and desire to rekindle the flames with her wife, who was extremely devoted during her illness. Now, their relationship feels more clinical than carnal. Shantal is struggling to find a way to get Carissa back to pleasing her instead of praying for her.


Is there another woman in Carissa's life? Has the double mastectomy made Shantal less inviting to her wife? Whatever the reason, Shantal is determined to uncover the truth, no matter the cost.


Will Shantal and Carissa find their way back to a more intimate and sexually satisfying relationship after overcoming a serious health crisis and disrupting their norm?

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