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Awakening Eugenia

TBW   |  Author S.L. Brown

Devyonne Mitchell, yoni healer and professionally known as a pelvic floor therapist, is the owner of Be Well Body studio. Dev, to her clients and close friends, is a successful thirty-year-old entrepreneur who is all about chi and mindfulness until a tornado stormed into her life by the name of Stella Landry. 

Congresswoman Stella Landry is a southern belle with a feisty disposition and determined to get Dev to not only heal her broken lady parts but to make her a believer in the power of the pu$$y! At the age of 40, a successful politician but single and in no shape to mingle after an abdominal hysterectomy and years of dealing with the impact of painful fibroids, Stella can't imagine even enjoying the intimacy of a lover.


When things get up close and personal for the two independent spirits, the healing of Stella's womb becomes more than a medical concern, but an affair of the heart that extends deeper than the pain of recovery Stella has endured.


Will Dev tame Stella, or the congresswoman bring out the wildfire in Dev? With these two willful women,  negotiations are expected, and panties are optional.

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