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Baby Got Bodee (RLOA - Book 5)

TBW  |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

"The Red Dress Diary" In Baby Got Bodee meet Monica Kelly, a 34-year old successful attorney who knows how to keep the law and order in and out of the bedroom! She's often been referred to as big-boned, a whole lot to love, and some not-so-pleasant references to her full-figured body. But none of these descriptions ever truly defined her. Monica is more than her beautiful curvy figure. She is a strong, black woman with a smile that warms the heart, laughter that brightens the soul, and a legal mind that makes her the perfect candidate for the next partner spot at her law firm, and lover for one of two objects of her desire, who vie to be her ultimate mate. 

Monica never questioned if her body was the right fit for a future love interest. That is until she falls for Taylor Armstrong, a colleague at work, and spars with Nicole (Nic) Johnson, a neighbor in her condo community. When Monica is finally invited on a date with the object of her desire, Taylor, she purchases the perfect red dress that fits her curves in all the right places, for the occasion.

Her feisty and very flirty neighbor, Nic would rather help Monica unzip that sexy number instead of zipping it up for Taylor's pleasure. And new emotions are awakened at the touch of the strong hands of her contentious neighbor/frenemy.

Will Monica find real love in the arms of her very handsome, talented colleague, Taylor or in the teasing hands of her phyne ass, antagonistic neighbor, Nic?

Baby Got Bodee book cover
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