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Big Boys Don't Cry (Bottoms Up - Book 2)

TBW   |   Author Jeremiah

Franklin Leroy Smith goes by many names depending on the relationship. As much as he loves the deep thrusts of his skillful lover, Franklin, or Pookie as Quandray likes to call him, is tired of being taken for granted. A bottom bitch is no longer an option when he decides to turn the tables on his top lover, Quandray Woods.


Franklin is not surprised that when he proposes to top Quandray, he receives the type of resistance felt when popping an ass cherry with a thick, long piece of man meat. Not only did Quandray's ass bud tighten up at the proposal, and his lips were firmly clenched with a "Hell No!"


But Pookie has plans for his stubborn man to turn a Hell No into a Hell Fucking Yeah! He needs to use the special persuasion that captured his man's heart two years ago.


Will Franklin get Quandray's ass to pucker up and get ready for the deep-throat kiss that Pookie has in store for him?

Big Boys Do Cry book cover
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