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Catching Feelings

2024   |   Author Shylee Campbell

The day Christina Hicks fell in love with Neo Soul was the day she met her new college roomie, Santana Jones, over 20 years ago. Dwele, Floetry, The Fugees, and Maxwell were the soundtrack to her fantasies of her very straight BAMU college buddy—or so she thought. Now, years later, as they gather during their annual BAMU buddies Christmas getaway, Chris has a chance to explore a deeper relationship with this new Santana who’s not only letting her hair down but might just be catching feelings and perhaps expressing some old-school loving that’s been there all the time?

Theme and Tropes: Coming Out, Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Holiday, Humor/Comedy, Low Angst, Steamy Romance, Self-discovery, and Vacation

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