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Danalavoz is a talented voice over talent that we discovered on  Her sultry voice is the perfect aphrodisiac for a private party just for and your copy of one of our Onyx Lee Publishing audiobooks.  Check out our interview with Danalavoz and listen to a sneak peek of Sai Is Gone right here, right now!








What inspires your work?


I'm inspired by the freedom of creativity. It's an amazing feeling to create original works and support others within the creative space.

Did you always want to be a VoiceOver artist?

My passion has always been performing arts-Musical Theater. Somehow, no matter where I was, I found myself constantly on the mic. I began recording IVRs and eLearning material for my employers which led me to pursue Voice Acting.

What are your favorite genres to work with?

Absolutely love romance, urban fiction, and children's books. 

Oprah Winfrey says we must first fill up our cup before we can be of service to others. How do you fill up your cup? How do you self care?

It's important to have a clear mind while supporting others. I make it a point to take breaks and spend time with my friends and family who are very supportive and loving while doing things that make me smile.. karaoke .always makes me happy!  

My favorite self care time is spent shutting my mind down and relaxing at home with my family and pets or taking weekend adventures with my besties. 

How should people contact you to collaborate on audiobook projects or other projects?

My website is the best way to reach me.

Any final words?

The best things in life are the people you meet along the way and their incredible stories! It's an honor to voice their journeys.

What are you reading?

Want to recommend BIPOC LGBTIQA+ books to us to add to our reading list? Send us a list of your favorites.


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