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She's My Best Friend  (My Day One - Book 3)

TBW   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Dymona Ann Alexander, aka Dymon Stud, wasn't always known as a fuckboi or the female emcee that fell into the hearts of ladies of all persuasion. As a young baby dyke being raised by her grandmother in New York City, Dymona was her Big Mama's pride and joy. When Elsie Mae Alexander gets addicted to oxycodone and overdoses, Dymona's world is shaken.

With no other options, young Dymona finds herself returned to sender at the doorstep of her mother, Dierdre. Her mom, a sharp tongue, smart-witted survivor, teaches Dymona how to survive the streets of the A and, eventually, a broken heart.

Loving Rashaunda Woodward was a passion that no one or nothing could replace. Until Dymona discovers rap music and how the raw bars she creates could heal her wounds. 

Through this walk down memory lane, you will discover how Dymona Ann Alexander becomes Dymon Stud, the iconic female emcee in Kiss and Tell - Book 3 of the RLOA series. 

Sometimes the past paves your future, and with a love affair like Dymon's and Rashaunda's, there's no wonder the ladies get the heat from her lyrics and the fire burning inside. Find out all about the making of Dymon Stud in Book Three of the My Day One series.

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