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Feelgoode Forever More?

TBW   |  Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Here come the brides?  After an arduous pursuit of Neyah West's heart, the boss bae has put a ring on it! But is the honeymoon for Neyah and Charley over before they even jump the broom?

With their successful Department of Defense contract secured, Neyah West and business partner Rachel Tanner are soaring high with the newfound credibility of being a fierce female-owned cybersecurity software company. New clients are lining up by the dozens.  


What could possibly go wrong in love and business?

But Murphy's Law is always lurking around the corner. Soon Neyah West finds herself battling the sudden loss of an investor, a tempting offer from a sexy suitor from the past, and doubts that arise over her compatibility with the good soldier, Charlotte Feelgoode, who definitely knows how to do Neyah's body good! 


But is the passion between the two enough to make it last forever? Get ready for the wedding of the season or the war that might make these two lovebirds break their vows. 


Mark your calendars — the highly anticipated sequel to the hit novel,  They Call Me Dr. Feelgoode is coming your way in early 2025! 

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