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Stan Love

Our authors love to read as much as they love to write stories. This section is dedicated to spotlighting some of the talented writers who are not members of the Onyx Lee Publishing family that we enjoy when we're not spinning our tales. Check out our latest read and review.


I Hate Loving You by M. L. Sexton is a novella that feels like an audition for a bigger lead and a movie trailer I'd buy a ticket to see. It was an easy and entertaining read. And an excellent way to end a long day of work with a playful nightcap that might leave me horny but hangover free.

Although I appreciated the backstory, the bickering between the two main characters felt more like a sibling rivalry than star-crossed lovers. But Sexton doesn't disappoint with the steamy sex scenes tastefully peppered throughout this masturbation piece.

For a girl like me, who enjoys a good tease, I'd say Sexton knows how to please!

The only drawback is a few grammatical errors. I'd recommend updating the story with those changes for an even smoother ride.

What are you reading?

Want to recommend BIPOC LGBTIQA+ books to us to add to our reading list? Send us a list of your favorites.


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