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It's Preying Time

TBW  |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

There is strange fruit growing in Social Circle, Georgia and not from the glorious bounty of Ferme Magique. This wickedness was nurtured and blossomed west of Social Circle in the busy streets of Atlanta and now headed to Selene and Tala's quaint little town in the east.


In the midst of this mischief, mayhem, and madness, a new life is being nurtured by our favorite witch and werewoman, and their kinship of family and friends. They have fought for their right to love each other and severed ties with their communities of witches and lycans to build this new family. But their is potential for even greater loss than they would have ever expected.


A vengeance, so old and stronger than their affection, might destroy this united front and the love that they have created. Will the bitterness and betrayal from the past that neither were guilty of creating other than being born from this original sin, destroy everything they've worked for?


Who will stand with Selene Moore, the feisty witch and Tala Marlow, the fearless werewoman in the battle of a lifetime that have them face their most dangerous opponent and test their vow of never letting each other go until death do them part.


Settle in for the battle of the century in Book 3, when the house of Selene Moore and Tala Marlow fight until the end. After all, a family that preys together, slays together!


Happy Preying!

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