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Jamaican Me Cum (Bottoms Up - Book 3)

TBW   |   Author Jeremiah

Nigel Kingston is a dutiful son to his Jamaican-born family, who relocated to the States before he was born. After his hard-working father, Samuel, suffers a stroke, Nigel takes on the manager and head chef of the famous Jamaican Me Come restaurant near the Atlanta BeltLine. Although the youngest of three children, Nigel has always been seen by his entire family as the leader of the bunch. He is the epitome of a strong leader and superhero for his family, friends, and partner. Although his family is aware of Nigel's sexuality and even accepts his partner as his special friend, he feels more secure in identifying himself as the top in his relationship.


His lover published author, and English literature professor, Craig T. Watson, is the only person in Nigel's life who challenges him to think outside of this masculine box and embrace a less restrictive role in their relationship. Nigel wouldn't admit it to Craig verbally. There have been times that, physically, he's allowed his effeminate lover a little more freedom in the bedroom.


But when Craig shares his next assignment for his Cultural and Literature college students on Homoerotic Friendships in Literature from the 19th Century to Today with Nigel, the conversation opens up a deeper discussion. Craig shares his insight on masculinity, S&M, and his desire to make Nigel his submissive!


Will Nigel open his mind and body to the private lesson that his professor wants to teach him?

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