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Kiss and Tell (RLOA - Book 3)

2023   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Layla Joy is an aspiring influencer with a meager 1,000 followers on Instagram and 500 on TikTok. She's also an aspiring actress who has dreamed of nothing more since she was a little girl than becoming a famous Hollywood blockbuster diva! Well, if truth be told, she dreamed of winning a major role in one young handsome stud's life, but Layla wouldn't dare confess that truth.


Most of Layla's young life has been spent in the closet. As her generation gleefully expresses themselves through various labels and alphabets under the rainbow, Layla isn't as willing to reveal her sexuality to the world until now. When her agent crafts a juicy scheme to get Layla more followers and a chance at a significant role in a new Atlanta film, this young ingenue takes on her greatest role. She pretends to be straight but then pretends to be gay, but really straight. Wait, what!


Will Layla's fear of revealing the truth of who she really is risk her losing more than a movie career? Will she risk the opportunity to make her dream come true and win the heart of her childhood crush, now very much an adult fantasy boi?

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