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Love Her Always (Walker Boys - Book 2)

TBW   |  Author Shylee Campbell

Marlo Walker shared a bromance with his older brother from the day his little chubby cheeks stretched into a grin. His big brown eyes sparkled with adoration at the sight of Jayson Walker. Jayson was only five years old, but he embraced the role of big brother and father figure for Marlo as soon as he held the 10-pound butterball in his little arms.


Marlo never thought he could love someone even more than he loved Jayson, whom he admired for his strength and courage to protect and care for their family. True, Marlo did love his mother, Jessamina, and his younger brother, Hezekiah. There was no separating him from his even deeper love for Jayson. Jayson was his best friend, guidance counselor, bodyguard, and religion. That is until Madison Calloway brought her smooth, velvety chocolate skin, sweet, pretty brown eyes, and soft, kissable lips into his life during his senior year of college. From that moment on, Marlo made room in his heart for sweet, romantic love and carnal desire for Ms. Madison Loraine Calloway!


Throughout the years, as they built separate successful careers, Marlo as a talented singer/songwriter and Madison as a television journalist, the flame continued to burn brightly in their hearts for each other. When Marlo finally decides to propose to his long-time love on her 30th birthday, the engagement ring, wedding plans, and a forever future with Madison begin to give Marlo reservations about their ultimate destination down the aisle. The unexpected emotions for a different kind of love also create an unexpected twist in this fairytale for both Mario and Madison.


Will Marlo say, "I Do," or will he repeat the sins of his real father and walk away from the woman who has his heart?

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