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Shylee Campbell

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

It's a man's world.

That's what the song says, and so does most of the world. But there's always a strong woman behind every successful man. Black romance writer Shylee Campbell knows this very well as the product of a two-parent home where her father and mother created a successful restaurant chain and fortified a happy home for her and younger brother, Desmond.

Shylee's father is the culinary talent behind a soul food restaurant chain, but her mother is the financial mastermind that keeps the bills paid on time. Her father's love and respect for her mother and her mother's tough love and intellect have guided Shylee throughout her life and have heavily influenced her short stories. As a child, Shylee always admired how her parents' ying and yang personalities complimented each other and sustained their 40 years of marriage.

In Treat Her Right, the first story in the Walker Boys series, Shylee introduces her readers to a strong, handsome man, Jayson Walker, who not only loves his mama but has learned and tries to live by her golden rules. He is the eldest of three boys raised by a single parent, Jessamina, who has strongly influenced all of her boys' lives.

In this first story, independent and driven Jayson Walker meets Krya Matthews, a woman with a lesson or two to teach him. Both main characters find themselves vying for control over Reele Black Entertainment, LLC, and each other's heart. Together, they soon learn that the professional is personal, and love is more powerful when two hearts come together and are not a part.

Jessamina's Golden Rules

Shylee didn't start her writing career as a romance writer until recently. After graduating from college, she spent the last four years running her parents' Sales and Marketing department for their restaurants. Although she enjoys supporting her parents and using her B.A. in Marketing, Shylee has discovered a love for not only reading romance novels but also creating them. Like her parents, this writer's creative and entrepreneurial spirit gives her the courage to try new things and discover new passions. Onyx Lee Publications is glad that Shylee found a love for romance writing and a desire to add to our first mainstream line of black romance novels.

I want to weave stories of good men and women, who love and respect each other in a sexy but tasteful tale of passion and purpose.

Building characters that fortified in being good people with an edge was something Shylee wanted to explore in the Walker Boys series. Living in a world where social media paints a very different and negative picture of what a real man or real woman should be, this writer wanted to speak to and celebrate all of the good men and women in the world. These men and women don't promote misogynistic behavior while calling it black love and body positivity. With so many young adults and children raised by young parents and young grandparents, gone are the tradition of older grandparents and parents that taught home training and respect to the younger generation. Shylee, even at her young age of 25, understands the importance of having a solid foundation and good examples within the home for young people to develop self-esteem and respect for others.

The character of Jessamina in the Walker Boys series is an homage to the older mother of the past, who loved her children hard and disciplined them harder. She sets the example of how to treat a woman through her interactions with the men in her life and who she chooses to surround her sons with. Shylee also understands the power of knowledge and reinforces the images of strong, black, respectful, and loving men and women through her stories as a way to contribute a positive message to the younger generation. Jessamina also reinforces three important golden rules to her boys on how to love women. Each story in the series will cover one of the three golden rules.

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