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Teach Him A Lesson (Bottoms Up - Book 4)

TBW   |   Author Jeremiah

Professor Craig T. Watson is a literature rockstar on the campus of Georgia State University. As a popular author and speaker regarding homoeroticism in literature, the professor keeps both men and women engaged in his provocative discourse.

Now, if he can just persuade Nigel Kingston, a tall, dark, sweet chocolate king of men, to bend the knee to his wishes. Craig knows this will be a Herculean effort to get his man to consider a less dominant role, but the thought of Nigel being his love slave whets his appetite and gets his dick hard.


His latest course on Homoerotic Friendships in Literature from the 19th Century to Today is the perfect discourse and foreplay with Nigel to get his Jamaican king's ass up and his dick at high tide.


Will Craig be able to teach this reluctant student the lesson that Nigel desperately needs to learn?

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