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The Bad Girls

2021   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

The Bad Girls is an erotic Halloween tale of two lovers who are in for a treat of unmeasurable pleasures on Hallow's Eve night. Tyesha and August are a beautiful, loving couple that has grown comfortable in their wedded bliss. August is a successful lawyer, and her artist lover, Tyesha, is content being the dutiful housewife, or is she? Perhaps, August knows that deep within Tye, there beats a desire for something different, exciting, and even a little dangerous. When their plans suddenly change from their annual attendance at the Halloween Ball hosted by August's company, things are definitely elevated to more unexpected heights than Tye could imagine.


By the end of this story, readers will think they've seen a ghost of their own. One that's filled with carnal desires waiting to be satiated with sweet pussy nectar from the objects of their desires. But is it real or just a dream?

BAD GIRLS_revisedcover.jpg

Sisters on the Shelf

“The paranormal twist was on point. And we definitely need more Black lesbian spooky stories in the world."
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