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The Social Circle

TBW  |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

On the fertile ground of Ferme Magique, a world full of intention is growing. Deep down in the dark, rich soil, the seeds of new ideas, emotions, and actions are planted. The Moore coven of witches protects and nourishes the vegetation with love and magic that existed before this world began. They are a family united by different lineages with the same intentions and led by their High Priestess, Selene Moore.

Selene is dedicated to the preservation of Ferme Magique, Moore's history with the land, and Social Circle, Georgia. But her heart is still young and desires the touch of another and the warm bed of a mate that she can call her own. Alone in her empty bed, Selene dreams of a tall, beautiful, dark, feral cat that awakens intentional desire in every aching part of her needy body. But the cat is elusive and avoids her human contact until...

A stranger comes to town who is not a cat at all but an irresistible Alpha shape-shifter with intentions of her own. Tala Marlow is determined to build a home for her pack of young werewomen and create a business that will feed the small community with conscious cuisine. When she sees, smells, and tastes the delicacy of the sassy witch, Tala's well-laid plans go awry.

In The Social Circle, Selene Moore and Tala Marlow awaken a dark past and begin a journey toward a new life and love they never expected. Care to visit this quaint little town again in Book 2? Then hop on board; your next stop is The Social Circle by Aunt Georgia Lee!

Happy Feasting!

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