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The Werewoman and Her Witch

TBW  |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Hello, sweet dahlings! It's me again, your Aunt Georgia Lee, preparing to tell you the second story in the Sapphic Sojourners of Truth series. Are you wondering what lies ahead? Well, you're in for a treat. This short narrative reintroduces you to our two favorite lovely ladies in this paranormal, steamy romance, Selene Moore and Tala Marlow. Yes, the werewoman and her witch are at it again!

This time, we take a walk down memory lane. In the words of Paula Abdul, and in this case of opposites attract, before we can go two steps forward, we need to take two steps back! And we know these sexy sapphics will do everything possible to make it all work out.

So, settle in with a cup of something good and relax as you revisit Selene and Tala's quaint little town. Hop on board; your next stop is Social Circle, Georgia! The story continues in the full-length novel The Social Circle.

Happy Reading!"

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