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They Call Me Dr. Feelgoode

2023   |   Author Aunt Georgia Lee

Neyah West never imagined that her heart or body would open to another woman after her ex-wife, Alecia, threatened to destroy her. She also never imagined meeting a woman like former Airman First Class Charlotte Ellis. A chance encounter at a networking event, where Neyah was pursuing a recruit for her security software firm and Charlotte was pursuing a new career after retiring from the service, lands both women in the line of fire for a much more personal and less professional engagement.


After five years of celibacy, swearing off any future potential lovers, Neyah finds it difficult to protect her chastity from the handsome Charlotte Ellis with the hypnotic hazel eyes and a body that would charm the panties off of a saint! Charlotte is no devil, quite the contrary, she just might be the balm needed to heal Neyah's heart and body.

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