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Treat Her Right (Walker Boys - Book 1)

TBW   |   Author 

Shylee Campbell

Jayson Lee Walker is the eldest of three brothers raised by a single parent, Jessamina Walker. His strong, firm, God-fearing, and loving mother taught all her boys how to respect, love, and protect the women in their lives using her three golden rules.

This handsome male lead in Treat Her Right was groomed at a very early age to be the man of the family. Although Jessamina loved hard, she was often unlucky in the longevity of a loving relationship. After her first husband left her with young Jayson and an even younger baby brother, Marlo, five-year-old Jayson reassured his mother she hadn't been abandoned by all of the men in her life. When his mother fell in love again and gave birth to his brother, Hezekiah, it was Jayson to the rescue to help her raise this third son after the sudden death of Jessamina's lover. When his mother became ill with pancreatic cancer during his freshman year in college, Jayson came to her aid. He continued to offer the companionship Jessamina needed to keep their family intact. Jayson prided himself on obeying his mother's rules and learning invaluable lessons from her that set him on the course of his career as an integral part of Reele Black Entertainment in Atlanta, Georgia.


Being the one in control came naturally for Jayson, even though he had a lot of practice throughout his childhood and young adult years. But as the young boy grew into a strong man, the need to control his life and others became more of an avoidance technique from his own obvious need and hidden desire to be cared for. When Jayson's methodically maintained life is disrupted by the leading lady, Kyra Matthews, he must use all of the life lessons and his mother's golden rules to help him determine if this boss bae is a cure or a curse for his ailments. The potential unexpected love triangle between Jayson, Kyra, and a woman from both of their past and now present also makes the stakes even higher in this game of enemies-to-lover romance!


Will Jayson and Kyra put down their weapons of strategic games in their fight to control Reele Black Entertainment long enough to allow their hearts to merge in a more passionate, united front?

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