Unapologetically Eugene

2023   |   Author Shonia Brown

Eugene is a southern gentleman with a talent for music and songwriting. When his Bible-toting mother kicks him out of the Atlanta home he grew up in for not being the girl she gave birth to, Eugene takes a giant leap to follow his dreams and move to California. 


In San Francisco, Eugene and his best friend from Atlanta, Jimmy, stay with his cousin, Mavis. His southern charm dazzles the ladies and gives him a taste of life outside the racist south he grew up in, living in California. But are the people west of the Mason/Dixon line really not racist, or are they just better at hiding their true feelings?


Unapologetically Eugene is a story set in the late 1950s. This was a time in U. S. history when being black was challenging enough, but identifying as the opposite of your birth sex was almost unheard of and dangerous. 


Join Eugene as he finds his true self and follows his passions unapologetically.

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Work In Progress