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Wake Me Up Before You Go

2024  |   Author W.L. Tracy

In "Wake Me Up Before You Go," the first installment of the "Things Just Ain't the Same Series," the world hurtles toward an apocalyptic collapse. Greer, a brilliant physicist and the head scientist at an Alabama lab embarks on a determined quest for a solution.  As nature unleashes its vengeance on humanity, Greer emerges as a key player in Atlanta after joining the CDC. With deadly fumes saturating the air and animals wreaking havoc, time ticks perilously for mankind.


Once seemingly content with a thriving career and a strained marriage with her long-time partner Celeste, Greer's world crumbles when their relationship reaches a breaking point. Seeking refuge in her work at the CDC, she forms an unexpected alliance with her ambitious lab partner, Britnee. As they vie for a coveted role within their department, their professional rivalry evolves into an irresistible attraction neither can deny.


Amidst a world in crisis, Greer and Britnee must set aside their differences and collaborate. In a shocking twist, their intense connection unleashes an extraordinary energy that could redefine the destiny of mankind.


Will their love transcend obstacles and prove potent enough to save the world from impending doom? Can Greer unveil the secrets to salvage humanity before the clock runs out? Discover the answers in this enthralling tale of love, rivalry, and the battle for survival in a world teetering on the edge.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Ebook Cover-2.jpg
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